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ATM - Access Text Manager

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Der Access Text Manager is a tool for Microsoft Access developers.

If you want to revise your text messages in Access, it will takes some time: The VBA code needs to be crawled laboriously, the objects in the forms / reports must be marked separately and only on the properties window, the labels, status bar text, tooltips, etc...

Access Text Manager herunterladen

It is far simpler if all documents are available in a table. The revision of the text can be carried out more targeted and easier (this includes the use of the spelling). And as soon as the project is to get a multilingual interface, one needs a smart solution.


Access Manager with the text can be easily transferred to your texts and a table listing. The intuitive, easy to use interface and the stored filter functions enable a structured approach.

The form / report properties with text content can be read by the tool and a clear list displayed.

The text messages are saved and clearly assigned to the objects.

A change / correction of a text entry must be effected only once, no more searching and replacing more!


Each text entry can also be a translation into as many languages ​​as easily be stored. Through the unique deposit of the texts, the translations can be entered only once. Once translated, always translated!

Many standard text messages are already included (of course already been translated into English and French)


All texts are only stored in the project, so your project is completely independent of external files (no references, no add-ins). The tool is therefore only required for managing text messages during development.


The tool is compatible from MS Access 2000 (version 9.0)
A demo version can be download here

For the purchase of a software license, please contact Jean Pierre Allain


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