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Check and Compact Database

For Access 2002/2003/2007/2010 (32bit)
Have you ever wanted to know who is accessing your database?
With this supplement you can check the status of access database files.
The tool gives you information if the database file is used even by whom.
In addition, you can compact your database file and change the password.


The following functions are integrated in this tool:

  • Login status: ID Login information (Database password / workgroup file)
  • Status of access: Is a database file access (Exclusive Yes / No)
  • User Status: Who is accessing the database file (computer name / username)
  • Compacte and repair: Compacte and repair file directly from the tool (with monitoring as soon as possible)
  • Password modification: Change the database password for the file directly from the tool (with monitoring as soon as possible)
  • File Open: Open the database file with / without exclusive access and with / without write protection (with monitoring as soon as possible)
  • Multiple instantiation: The tool can monitor as many desired database files
  • Run the tool from VBA with reference to the library (only with registration)
  • Network drives can be stored in UNC format
  • Multilingualism (DE / EN / FR)

Download the Freeware version at this link

The Add-In has been exclusively created with Access, so no installation or third OCX registration are required and should be able to run on all computers.
Determining which users are using the database file is performed through the principle "UserRoster" an ADO-RecordSet.

With the library version for developers, the tool can be integrated into your applications. Integrate our tool in your program library via Tools / References and use the available class ccasTool.clsCheckAndCompact to display the dialog window from your VBA code.
Download here  the library version of Check and Compact database and try it out!

Sample code:
Dim clsCheckCompact As ccasTool.clsCheckAndCompact
Set clsCheckCompact = ccasTool.GetclsCheckAndCompact()
With clsCheckCompact
   .BackendDatabaseFile = "d:\MyBackendDatabase.mdb"
End With


Our licensing agreement requires the purchase of a license for each developer. The purchase price of a product key is 20, - excl. VAT.

The distribution of our tool with your end-products is free. For the purchase of a software license, contact please info@abiss.de


copyright ABISS GmbH 2016