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Shortcut Menu Manager for Microsoft® Excel®

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Shortcut Menu Manager is an Excel addin that lets you add almost any “classic” menu control – such as the Edit menu, Freeze Panes button, or other menus – to any Excel right-click menu.  So if you still remember where Goal Seek was in Excel 2003, it’s just a right-click away.
The Tool isn’t just for Excel 2007 and 2010.  As well for Excel 2000/2002/2003.  In any version of Excel there are some controls you like to have like to have close at hand.

The Microsoft Excel interface provides no way to change the context menu bars. Only through VBA it is possible, which is quite arduous. You can read how it works here.

With our tool it is very easy and comfortable to make these  adjustments.

Shortcut Menu Manager download

Here a quick presentation and introduction:
The add-in
is only required to carry out changes in the context menu bar. These are stored on the program and not in a workbook. Thus, all changes are retained even if the add-in has been disabled.


  • A list of all context menu bars (Built-in and Custom)
  • Add built-in controls and submenus, custom controls and submenus
  • Delete controls,
  • Change the properties and the order of the controls
  • Assign your macros on custom command buttons
  • Reset one or all integrated context menu bars in their original state
  • Multi-Language: English, German and French

Download the free Add-In here

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